Racheal Jetter

Marketing Coordinator

As Formidable Asset Management’s Marketing Coordinator, Racheal Jetter serves as the bridge between valued incoming clients and our advisers. She assists in building and maintaining relationships, as well as corporate communications.

Racheal has spent the past 11 years focused on client service in the financial industry. Embracing core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, she helps to propel her clients through strategically aligned marketing and social media networking. Racheal’s clients are her top priority, ensuring their complete satisfaction while simultaneously meeting team-based goals.

Racheal’s closest friends would say she is very open-minded and loyal. Her goals are not only to succeed professionally, but to be there for the success of her clients and peers, as well. Racheal lives with her two teenage sons in Northern Kentucky. In her free time, she enjoys most outdoor activities including kayaking, hiking and swimming.

“The greats never sacrifice the important for the urgent. They handle the immediate problem and still make sure to secure the future.”


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