About the Fund

The Formidable Fund is a long short hedge fund that is run by the principals of Formidable Asset Management. It is designed to achieve absolute return and is actively managed through fundamental analysis, quantitative analysis, and probability analysis with the goal of achieving better than stock market-based performance.


Sophisticated Investments

The Formidable Fund, LP, a Delaware limited partnership, operates as a private investment partnership. The Partnership’s investment objective is to achieve superior absolute returns. The Partnership seeks to achieve this objective by investing primarily in long and short positions in common stocks, preferred stocks, bonds, options, financial derivatives, and open-end and closed-end investment funds.

Investment Strategy


The Formidable Fund

Formidable Capital Management, LLC, a limited liability company organized under the laws of Ohio, serves as the general partner of the Partnership. Under the Partnership’s Limited Partnership Agreement, the General Partner is primarily responsible for the management of the Partnership.

Partnership Interests are suitable only for sophisticated investors (a) who do not require immediate liquidity for their investments, (b) for whom an investment in the Partnership does not constitute a complete investment program and (c) who fully understand and are willing to assume the risks involved in the Partnership’s investment program. The Partnership’s investment practices, by their nature, involve a substantial degree of risk. The Offering is made only to certain qualified investors.

The Partnership is presently accepting subscriptions from a limited number of sophisticated investors. Please contact us for information concerning liquidity restrictions, fees and minimums for investment.


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