Financial Services Strategies

Formidable offers an array of insurance based products and services through its wholly owned subsidiary Formidable Financial Services. Whether you are starting a family, planning for the long term or mitigating risk in your daily or business life, Formidable Financial Services can help. Our multiple vendor, low cost, best benefit strategy is assistant in creating value for you as the customer.

We offer life and health products that are hand chosen to meet each clients particular needs


We offer life and health products that are hand chosen to meet each clients particular needs.

Term Life

Easily selected for the best benefit lowest cost provider, term insurance can be an affordable way to protect and plan for your loved ones in the event of an unforeseen tragedy. The professionals at Formidable will assist you in pricing and determining the plan that is most appropriate for you based on your needs and goals.

Estate Planning

This can encompass several strategies, including but not limited to, term life insurance, whole life insurance, disability insurance and long term car insurance. With our expertise in insurance planning, we can guide you through the decision making and thought provoking processes of risk management, catastrophic planning and estate planning to help protect your family.

Whole Life

This type of “permanent insurance” can be used to build wealth, plan for estate taxes, and create a legacy for your heirs. There are also a myriad of other uses for this type of insurance as well. Your Formidable Financial Services agent should be able to assist you with the choices that best suit your insurance needs.


This type of insurance can act as a protective net and bridge of income in the event of a long term recovery from a covered injury. There are multiple products and strategies associated with this type of insurance ranging from garden variety disability to highly compensated individual disability policies.

Long Term Care

As our population ages, more and more of us will find ourselves in need of At Home Care, Assisted Living Care, and Nursing Home Care. This type of insurance can be helpful in offsetting the cost of all of the listed previously in this section. Often times, we see it as a firewall between the wealth of a client and the immense cost of caring for a loved one in their final years.


We offer both fixed and index annuities. We use multiple strategies for these products. Typically we use them for downside protection, slower growth and capital preservation. There are many applications for these products and strategies. Formidable can help you steer through the ocean of choices in this area.


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