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Imbed Biosciences Chases Nasal Spray to Combat Covid-19 Spread

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We combine thoughtful, transparent, and methodical investment strategies to financial planning and wealth management.

We have taken time-honored values such as trust, loyalty and integrity instilled by our Midwestern beliefs and applied them to our life’s work as financial counselors, devoting our more than 75 years of collective experience to the multi-generational needs of the families we serve. From accumulating wealth during your working years to managing income for retirement, we’re not only here for life – we’re unequivocally here for you.


Whatever your goals may be, our team is here to help you reach them.

Asset Management

We offer a broad range of products, including life, term life fixed, estate planning, disability, and long-term care insurance options, as well a range of annuities.

Financial Planning

Our team is practiced and proven. Our 75 years of collective experience, paired with modern and ever-progressing tools and research, result in enduring support throughout life’s stages.

Formidable Fund

Our hedge fund that utilizes a coordinated mix of dynamic analysis methods and progressive models to invest in securities we believe to be an opportunity for our clients.


Achieving Your Financial Goals At Every Life Stage

At Formidable, we provide investment and financial growth strategies that are as unique as you are. From young professionals starting to invest to senior retirement planning, from adventurous couples to seasoned parents — whatever the stage, we’ll work with you on all of your financial goals. After all, your income, priorities, and spending habits will all change depending on what life stage you’re in.