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T&C | The Analyst and the Arsonist


We discuss the increase in COVID cases and its implications for consumer behavior, the Japanification of the U.S. (and what it means for financial stocks and gold), a recent purchase for our investors in the electric vehicle/drone space, and investors burning themselves through day trading.

T&C | The Analyst and the Arsonist2020-07-08T19:21:10+00:00

T&C | The Odd-I-See


Formidable Asset Management's Will Brown and Adam Eagleston discuss the Odyssey investors have experienced in 2020, consumer trends associated with the re-opening of the economy, and the oddities we have seen with the behavior of certain stocks popular on Robinhood. Plus, a little mythology and history, as well as obligatory references to the shape of the recovery and associated chart crimes (we’re looking at you, CNBC, and that recent unemployment graphic).

T&C | The Odd-I-See2020-06-10T18:35:00+00:00

Quick Take March 17, 2020


The markets have recently reminded all that volatility is always right around the corner. Volatility, sudden corrections, uncertainty—all part of the price we pay to participate. Context, however, is what’s missing from most things today. We are so fixated on right now—we forget where we were, and lose sight of where we want to go. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the stock market. We need look no further than the “Fear and Greed Index” to see how quickly things change.

Quick Take March 17, 20202020-05-12T16:34:25+00:00

Quick Take March – 2020


Narratives are powerful. Since the days of our earliest ancestors, storytelling has been a consistent means of communicating these narratives, be they uplifting or apocalyptic. In the age of cinema, narratives of the apocalyptic kind have become popular, and one of the staples for Hollywood has been to play out a scenario of a modern-day plague: Outbreak, Contagion, Seven Monkeys, etc.

Quick Take March – 20202020-05-07T14:28:28+00:00

SECURE ACT and Preparing for 2020


SECURE ACT and Preparing for 2020 Like a frantic holiday shopper, Congress waited until the last minute to get something done. In this case, the something was a present (of sorts), called the SECURE Act (the Act). SECURE is a somewhat contrived acronym for the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Security [...]

SECURE ACT and Preparing for 20202020-05-07T14:28:28+00:00

Investor Updates – January 2020


Investor Updates - January 2020 The sequel. A staple of Hollywood. However, how often is the sequel as good as the original? Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey was just that. Was anyone interested in a new batch of Gremlins? Ghostbusters 2? Don’t even get me started. All this occurred to me as [...]

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Investor Updates – December 2019


Investor Updates - December 2019 Though this is my first letter for Formidable, I’ve been writing these types of missives for a long time. Sometimes they are insightful, intermittently funny, often littered with obscure references, occasionally controversial, (hopefully) rarely boring, and, every once in a while, too hot for compliance (Chappelle’s Show [...]

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