Market Information

Trust and Integrity For Your Wealth Management

We have taken time-honored values such as trust, loyalty and integrity instilled by our Midwestern beliefs and applied them to our life’s work as financial counselors, devoting our more than 75 years of collective experience to the multi-generational needs of the families we serve. From accumulating wealth during your working years to managing income for retirement, we’re not only here for life – we’re unequivocally here for you.

Asset Management

Studies have found that, over the long run, the allocation of your investments is more important than individual investments in determining your portfolio’s overall performance. We’ll work closely with you to develop a unique, customized asset management portfolio that takes into consideration the emotions of investing, your individual preferences and the asset classes that may give you the best chances of reaching your goals.

Financial Services

Formidable Financial Services is an insurance agency that was created to serve our customers with their insurance needs. We offer life, term life fixed annuities index annuities and estate planning insurance. We also offer disability insurance and long-term care insurance. We believe that insurance is a commoditized asset and we select the highest quality contracts with the lowest price for our clients.

The Fund

The Formidable Fund is a hedge fund that is a long/short fund. We utilize Technical Analysis, fundamental analysis, probability analysis and discounted cash flow models to invest in securities we believe to be undervalued in the market. we utilize leverage and hedged positions in order to achieve absolute return for our clients.