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Terri Connelly


Terri Connelly FINANCIAL ADVISOR & SENIOR PORTFOLIO MANAGER Terri is a Financial Advisor and Senior Portfolio Manager with over 28 years of experience in investment management and financial planning. Terri works closely with clients on all aspects of managing their investments and financial planning. She works with families on multi-generational planning, divorce [...]

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Will Brown


Will Brown CEO/MANAGING PARTNER Will is the managing partner and chief executive officer of Formidable Asset Management, and founded the firm in 2013. He has nearly 25 years of experience in the financial management industry, having previously worked for a large retail brokerage. A life-changing event more than 12 years ago set [...]

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Jason Wainscott


Jason Wainscott COO & GENERAL COUNSEL Jason is Formidable’s Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel. He works with the team on day-to-day operations while also administering Formidable’s SEC compliance program, and maintaining the firm’s policies, procedures and code of ethics. Jason works to ensure that operations are transparent—ensuring the firm’s clients have enough [...]

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Devon Berta


Devon Berta CLIENT SERVICE ASSOCIATE / CLIENT EXPERIENCE SPECIALIST Action-driven and diligent, Devon serves as a Client Service Associate at Formidable. Working closely with both the advisors and clients, she is dedicated to delivering excellence in helping clients open new accounts, resolve issues, and achieve their financial goals. Coming from an artistic background, Devon [...]

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David Henning


David Henning, CFP® SR. PORTFOLIO MANAGER David is a Senior Portfolio Manager with 23 years of experience in financial planning. He is a Certified Financial Planner who takes a holistic approach to working with his clients so they can achieve the goals they have for their lives and their finances. Starting with an [...]

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Tim Begley


Tim Begley, CFP® PORTFOLIO MANAGER Tim is a Portfolio Manager and works with Formidable’s clients to build long-term, individualized financial plans. Tim is a Certified Financial Planner who views his clients’ financial pictures on a case-by-case basis, working to understand their preferences, their risk tolerance and goals, and then creating a personalized, strategic [...]

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Hank Brightwell


Hank Brightwell SR. PORTFOLIO MANAGER Hank is a Senior Portfolio Manager with 27 years of experience in the financial management business. He takes a comprehensive approach to wealth management, beginning with in-depth planning that takes a broad view of his client’s financial picture. That includes trust and estate planning, and meeting with [...]

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Carlo Bronzie


Carlo Bronzie Advisor Trainee Carlo is a student at the University of Cincinnati, working towards degrees in Finance and Economics. A native of Cincinnati and an alumnus of Walnut Hills High School, Carlo is pursuing a career in wealth management, driven by his interests in learning and helping others. At UC, Carlo co-founded [...]

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